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*Only first names used due to sensitivity

*Dan and Hannah (Asia)
*David and Vivia (China)
*Jimmy and Susan (Asia)
*John and Lydia
*Morris and Sonia (Missionaries & Church Planters – East Asia)
*Will and Etta (Africa)
Andre and Katerin Delgado (Church Planters – Puerto Rico)
Blake and Lisa Deibler (Board Member – Quarryville, PA)
Brian and Carrie Wages (Church Planters – Jacksonville, FL)
Christian and Laura Early (Kansas City, MO)
Corey (North Africa)
Daniel and Joy Godsey (Granger, WA)
Dave and Janet Horsman (Bloomington, MN)
David and Kirsten Rickman (Jerusalem)
Douglas and Ashley Goodmundson (Serving – Bloomington, MN)
Eric and Keyola Crow (House Church Pastors – Kansas City, MO)
Gary Webb (serving with Christian Healing Ministries, Jacksonville, FL)
General Funds
Henry and Aneliz Bruno (Church Planters – Puerto Rico)
Jacob and Lindy Paurus (Twin Cities, MN)
Jamie and Patty Bagley (Church Planters – Bridgeton, NJ)
Jeff and Carol Henderson (Co-Director of Malachi Network – Wilmore, KY)
Jennifer Alexander (Europe)
Jeremy and Jessica Johnson Missionary Trainers
Johan and Alette Verhoef (The Netherlands)
John and Lydia (Middle East)
Joshua Chen (Taiwan)
Joshua Hawkins (College Station, TX)
Josías & Lianny De La Cruz (Israel)
Lee and Sarah Weeks (Church Planters – Sheffield, AL)
Leonard and Lesley Hays (Father’s Heart Ministries)
Matt and Melissa (Sabbatical)
Maureen Dacek (Itinerate Worship Leader - Director of Living Room House of Prayer)
Mike and Kim Baker (Dover, FL)
Mike and Lindy Waskosky (Church Planters – Twin Cities, MN)
Nathan and Kathryn Wood (Prayer Room Consultation and Ministry Coaching - Colorado Springs, CO)
Patrick & Leanne Buckner (Worship Artist/Church Planting Worship Pastor – Kirkwood, PA)
Rich and Grace Parks (Twin Cities, MN)
Rich and Tania Stevenson (Directors of Malachi Network – Quarryville, PA)
Ron and Kathy Houp (Ministry Partner – Wilmore, KY)
Rosanne De Lorenzo (Minister/Evangelist – Plattsburgh, NY)
Sarah (Asia)
Shawn and Teyola Crow (Church Planters – Overland Park, KS)
Stephen and Susann Holmes (Colorado)
Steve and Pam English (Board Member – Guatemala)
Theo and Melissa Steinhauer (Church Planters – Sheffield, AL)
Tim and Emily (Kentucky)
Tim and Rebecca Westrom (Church Planters – Cumberland, MD)
Zach and Meghan Stevenson (Worship Trainers in Burlington, VT)